Tips to Increase Safety in a Warehouse Work Environment

Warehousing is a business with a wide range of problems and risks that require careful security management to prevent injuries. Each warehouse is unique in its design, operation and equipment thus for this report we will merely outline the significant areas of risk and the wide brush management strategy necessary to make the job and business safer.

Warehouse Storage Space


The overriding danger within most warehouse environments is the motion of vehicles – both inside the warehouse yard and really the motion of fork lift trucks inside the warehouse environment itself.  It is essential that traffic risks are managed; the next pathway highlights the key controls:

  • Try to remove blind spots like sharp corners or doors that leave not roadways. Use pedestrian barriers near to doors and chief personnel walkways to physically separate vehicles and people where possible.
  • Clearly mark any pedestrian paths for operational needs within the yard and warehouse floor – use zebra crossings where people will cross vehicle routes
  • Where automobile routes narrow or there are entrances into the warehouse guarantee vehicles and people are separated. Use a pedestrian entrance along with a car entry – these are high risk places.
  • Ensure lighting is sufficient.

The dock doors are a very high risk area makes sure you develop a complete Safe system of work for this area and Check This Out, ideally keeping people away from the area as a result of dangers from turning vehicles with escape areas.


The nature of goods being handled, the era of the warehouse, the flame Protection in location and other factors all influence on the fire risks of a warehouse. However we can generally say that to reduce risks:

  • Ensure supervisors inspect their place frequently fire exits and fire lanes must be kept clean.
  • Make Sure You undertake routine fire drills
  • Ensure that emergency lighting is properly positioned can it be blocked by large stacks or shelving.
  • Ensure that fire exit signage is visible and clear the character of warehouses means that exit signals frequently become obscured. Consider high level floor or signage paint.


  • The company should have a clear security policy.
  • The Business should have sufficient risk assessments for all their work tasks.
  • All operational staff should maintain safety boots and high visibility jackets. This principle should also apply to office staff that must join the warehouse.
  • Regular safety inspections are conducted.

The range of issues within a warehouse may include many other variables Security issues in bonded warehouses may impact on emergency measures, fuel Is generally used and might require safe systems of work creating, equipment such As break pits, roller trays can lessen some of the work dangers but do pose New risks to the office that will require security systems and training.