Importance of Picking a Right Company Name

Picking the correct name for your company can significantly influence its future flourishing. Take the time select a name that will help and not frustrate your business.

‘Same as’ names

You would not be permitted to enroll a company name which is equivalent to (or excessively like) a current company’s name. This is to stay away from disarray among buyers and different businesses thus your picked name should be remarkable. An illustration of ‘same-as’ names:

Providing food Limited’ is ‘equivalent to’:

  • Catering UK Limited (or Ltd);
  • Limited (or Ltd);
  • Catering International Limited (or Ltd)
  • Catering Company (Services) Limited (or Ltd)

You can check the accessibility of a company name effectively utilizing the Companies House name checker on their site.

Touchy Names

Some company names are dismissed by Companies House on the grounds of specific words being ‘touchy’. Touchy words incorporate those that are obscenities or are hostile and those which recommend an association with Her Majesty’s Government or a reverted organization or a neighborhood authority or certain predefined public specialists.


Kindly see the Companies House site for an all-inclusive list of delicate words.

On the off chance that you are enrolling as a private restricted company, at that point your catchy names company name should end with either ‘Restricted’ or ‘ltd’. You can pick and both are similarly as adequate.

Company and Website Names – Creating Synergy

Before you settle on a company name you ought to guarantee that a comparable site URL address is accessible. Solidarity between your actual business and its online presence is fundamental for help direct your clients to your website/business.