How to Find Real Estate Listings

One of the biggest problems that new real estate brokers face is the fact that they cant get any listings. The struggle to get sellers instead of buyers to list with you is quite hard in itself to figure out. If you get a listing, you get a commission if that property sells, whereas if you get buyers, you won’t be getting much.

How to Find Real Estate Listings

If you have a buyer, but you as a real estate broker doesnt have a buyers listing agreement, then you risk the chances of your buyer walking away – thus, the possibility of earning any commission slowly fades away. Unfortunately, this happens for many people who are new to the real estate game, and it’s a painful reality.

However, there are ways that you can quickly turn that sad reality into something positive. If you are a new real estate broker looking to get listings, then you have come to the right place for information.

Here we will explain some key tricks on how to get real estate listings fast and effectively. Read on and you’ll get all the information you need.

Make a lot of Calls to People you already Know

Okay, so this tip is pretty straight forward. Just pick up your phone and start calling people you know. Call your family members, your friends, or maybe even call the guy you barely even know but acquainted with. Call anyone and everyone that you can and slowly build your network from there even if it means setting up a meeting and paying for their time.

The trick is to talk about real estate as much as you can and ask about where they live. If they have plans to move or anything that relates to real estate that’s where you can pitch in the listing.

Remember, connections are the key to this business. Because even if they say that they do not need you to know, at some point in the future they will need your help. So remember to keep growing your client list. This will take a lot of patience, but as long as you are persistent and ready to stay focused you will be able to grow your list.

Don’t be Afraid to Contact Major Developers

Given that there are a ton of major developers out there, this task will be easier said than done. Although it may seem like the chances are slim, you should always aim to know at least one or maybe two local developers in your area.

Oftentimes developers may already be working with a broker, so that means better luck next time for you. But if you can also form a solid bond with these developers and they end up liking you, they can decide to help you out if they end up getting any new listings.

That said, real estate is a tough game to play and it can be very territorial. The best way to stay out of trouble is by being polite and courteous. Also make sure to talk directly to the agent or the developer to try and fix out any rough spots between one another.

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